About Us

Amin Njonkou Kouandou

is from Cameroon and has immigrated to Canada over two and a half decades ago with his parents and siblings. He has lived across Canada in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec. He is now married with two boys. He speaks fluently French, English and basic Spanish.

Amin has been a tax lawyer for over a decade during which he has acquired experience in corporate, taxation, insurance and real estate matters working for the federal government and the private sector. In addition, Amin has been a real estate investor since 2008 when he bought his first condo while he was still a law student. In 2016, Amin leveraged his condo to acquire his first multi-unit property. Then, he chose to get educated in the real estate industry. Amin now provides close to 30 residential units to Canadian families, within properties acquired personally, via joint ventures and corporations in Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Amin is in the process of providing commercial units to businesses involved in the medical/health, religious, restaurant and educational fields.

Since 2016, Amin has sought and received coaching and mentorship from different real estate investor communities. He has been an active REIN (Real Estate Investor Network) member since 2021. Amin’s objective is to give back and to provide long-term dwelling solutions to Canadian families using different strategies such as buy and hold, lease option, BRRRR, and value-add strategies.

Moris Alvarenga

is an accomplished architectural designer with over 20 years of experience in the field. He holds a degree in architectural technology and has worked on a diverse range of projects, including residential, commercial, and institutional buildings at several reputable architectural firms.

His passion for overseeing the work live on-site led him to become an experienced construction estimator while working with general contractors. He excelled at winning bids in residential and commercial projects across Canada and the United States. He has also led sub-contractor teams and special trades while managing construction projects.

Moris is known for his technical expertise and ability to turn complex design concepts into practical, buildable solutions. He works closely with architects and engineers to ensure that building systems, such as structural, mechanical, and electrical, are integrated seamlessly into the overall design. His attention to detail and ability to think creatively have led to the successful completion of many projects.

Moris’ specialty is in identifying undervalued properties and rejuvenating them for resale or rental. He has a keen eye for spotting deficiencies and a deep understanding of how it could affect the future evaluation of a building. Through his hard work and determination, Moris has built a wide network of contacts with trades and has helped many clients achieve great improvement of their home value while maximizing efficiency and maintaining costs at minimum.

Outside of work, Moris enjoys dancing with his wife and spends time with his family and travelling. With his unwavering commitment to his clients and the community, Moris is a true inspiration to all aspiring new investors.